Introducing the 5km Paw Parade!

In celebration of the event’s 43rd birthday we have introduced a 5km Paw Parade for all of the dog fans, outdoor lovers and walking enthusiasts! For the first time in our event history, we are inviting you to have your fur babies paws hit the pavement at the Paw Parade. So bring your pooch, your lead and your walking shoes on September 23 to join in on all the fun.

The 5km Paw Parade start line is located on Parliament Square.

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+ General Doggy Info

We ask at all times that you cater for your dog’s needs first and foremost. If your dog becomes unsettled or irritated please make the best decision for them and the other participants. Fairfax Events staff have the right to request that you remove your dog from the event at any time at their discretion.

Do I need to register my dog for the walk?

Yes, all dogs must be registered to take part in the event. 

Does my dog need to be on a lead?

Yes, we require all dogs to be on a lead at all times for the entirety of the event, including while in the Event Village.

Will there be doggy bags available on site?

Yes, there will be doggy bags available at the start area, however we encourage you to bring your own for when you are on course. Please move to the left of the course if your dog needs to a do a number one or number two and remember to pick up after them.  

Is there a family package available for the 5km Paw Parade? And how many dogs does it include?

There are two family packages available for the 5km Paw Parade:

  • 5km Family + 1 Dog - Includes 2 adults + 1 child + 1 dog OR 1 adult + 2 children + 1 dog. You can add additional individual entries at the shopping cart.

  • 5km Family + 2 Dogs - Includes 2 adults + 1 child + 2 dogs. You can add additional individual entries at the shopping cart.

Click here to view family package prices for the 5km Paw Parade.

Is there a minimum age to participate with your dog?

To register with your dog you must be 16 years or older. Those under 16 will be able to participate in the Paw Parade however they are not able to be/eligible to be responsible for a dog during the event. 

Can I bring more than one dog?

Those 16 years or older can only be responsible for one dog while attending our event for safety reasons. 

+ Safety Information

What safety information do I need to be aware of to take part in the 5km Paw Parade?

It's vital that all participants, both human and canine have a safe and enjoyable experience at the event. All dogs must:

  • be fully vaccinated
  • have had a flea, worming and tick treatment based on the advice of your vet
  • be socialised and non-aggressive to people and other dogs
  • be on a leash at all times
  • be wearing a collar with an identification tag
  • Not be in season
  • Must not be declared dangerous or menacing
  • I understand that I (the owner) am responsible and liable for all actions of my dog

What happens if I or my dog gets injured during the event?

All owners are responsible for their dogs while at our event. Fairfax Events does not accept any responsibility or liability for damage or loss caused by your dog to people, property or other dogs and does not accept any responsibility for damage or loss caused to you, your property or your dog by other dogs participating in the event. You participate in the event at your own risk. There will be some first aid teams onsite during the event to assist should injury occur to you. Please note there will not be any vets or persons with medical knowledge regarding animals in the first aid teams.

Is my dog fit enough to take part in the Paw Parade?

The Paw Parade is for all fitness levels. We strongly recommend that your dog is adequately fit and has exercised in the lead up to the event to be able to walk the course. If you are concerned that your dog may not be able to complete the course, please contact your vet for advice prior to registering.

What happens if I lose my dog or find a lost dog?

If you lose your dog or find an unaccompanied dog while at the event please find the closest event staff to report it or call 1800 555 514.

+ Refund & Terms and Conditions

To view the full Terms & Conditions click here.

Start Time: 9:40am (yellow start group)

The 5km Paw Parade start line is located on Parliament Square.

Start Map

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Course Map

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Interactive Course Map

Course Elevation

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5km Paw Parade Drink Station Locations

Location Distance (approx.) Drink Toilets First Aid
King George Terrace Start Line Water Yes Yes
Federation Mall West 1.5km Water No No
Rond Terrace Finish Line Water + nuun Electrolyte Yes Yes

5km Cut-off Points

Time of Day Distance Cut-off Description
9:45am 0km All walkers & dogs must have started
10:21am 3km All walkers & dogs must have cleared Parliamentary Triangle/King George Terrace
10:33am 4km All walkers & dogs must have cleared Kings Avenue
10:45am 5km All walkers & dogs must have finished