What’s happening and when?

The Canberra Times Fun Run powered by Salesforcewill be held on Sunday, September 23, 2018.

Date Time Action
Saturday, September 22 9:00am - 4:00pm Race Bib Collection - rebel Westfield Woden
Sunday, September 23
7:00am Race HQ opens for 1km & 10km race information and bib replacements - Wendouree Dr, Parkes
10km gear drop opens - Wendouree Dr, Parkes
10km gear drop closes - Wendouree Dr, Parkes
*10km event starts - Wendouree Dr, Parkes
8:00am Event Village Opens - Rond Terrace
1km & 5km gear drop opens - Rond Terrace
8:30am 1km event starts - Wendouree Dr, Parkes
9:00am Race HQ opens for 5km race information and bib replacements - King George Terrace, Parkes
9:25am 5km EWA event starts - King George Terrace, Parkes
9:30am 5km event starts - King George Terrace, Parkes
9:40am 5km Paw Parade event starts - Parliament Square
10:00am Presentations to commence - Rond Terrace
10:00am -12:00pm Shuttle bus from Rond Terrace to 5km Start Line in operation
11:15am Gear drop closes - Rond Terrace

The 10km race will be split into three Start Groups:

  • Blue is only for runners registered into the Blue Start Group. If you intend on walking please drop back to the Green B Start Group to ensure runners have a clear route. Participants will only be disqualified for starting ahead of their allocated Start Group.  

  • Green A is for runners and joggers and they will be marshalled to the front of the Green Start Group. Please self marshal into the ‘runners’ section of the Green Start pen.    

  • Green B is for fun groups, wheelchairs and strollers. These participants will be marshalled at the back of the pack to allow runners/joggers to filter to the front of the pack. Please self marshal into the ‘walkers’ Green Start pen.

Start times are subject to change.

We encourage participants to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their race start time.

+ Registrations & Start Groups

Can I enter multiple people during the registration process

Yes, when you arrive at the cart contents page of the registration process, click “Register Another”. You can now commence the registration for additional entrant(s). Please note that all registrations will be paid for in one transaction.

Can I enter on the day?

Event entries will close the day prior to the event; at 5pm on Saturday, the 22nd of September (if not sold out prior); no entries will be taken after this time.

Is there a Family Package available?

There is a family package available for all distances. The package includes either two adult entries and one child entry or one adult and two children. Please note, if you are registering under the family package, all members must compete in the same distance. If you are wanting to register an additional participant, you can do so at the cart contents page by clicking "Register Another".

Can I change my start group?

Once registration is complete, the relevant colour, number and start group cannot be changed. Entrants are able to start behind their registered start group but not before. Therefore, if your friends or family are starting in a group after yours you can drop back on the day and run with them, likewise if they are in a start group ahead of you they can drop back. Please note starting before your allocated start time will result in a disqualification due to front start group safety capacities.

Can I transfer to a shorter/longer distance?

Distance transfers are available from Wednesday, September 12 until 5pm on Tuesday, September 18.

You are able to swap between distances as long as there is still availability. Participants can transfer distances through their tiktok dashboard by following the below steps:

  1. Select the 'My Registrations' tab on the left hand side of your dashboard
  2. Click the 'Details' button for the entry you wish to transfer
  3. Click the 'Make Changes' button and select 'Change Event Distance' from the drop down When transferring to a different event you will be issued a new race number and bib which will need to be collected from the race bib collection. If your race bib has been posted to you, please bring it with you to be swapped over.
Transfer to Fees
Longer Distance
Difference in entry fee
Shorter Distance
Forfeit difference in entry fee

What do I do if I have lost my eTicket?

If you have deleted your eTicket, please log in to your tiktok dashboard to retrieve a copy. If your bank account has not been charged, you are not entered into the event.

What happens if I have lost my race bib?

If you have lost or damaged your race bib or timing chip you can buy a replacement from Race Bib Collection for $20.

What happens if I start in the wrong group?

Your race bib number, including your timing bib tag, is assigned to a particular start group as selected during registration. Your bib tag will be activated as you cross the starting mats. If you begin the race prior to your designated start group time, you will NOT receive an official time and you will be disqualified.

+ Postage Option & Race Bib Collection

Postage is available as an optional extra for participants to select during their registration at a cost of $7.95 including GST. Please note, this option must be added to your cart during the registration process and will close on August 21. If you did not purchase postage or have registered with an overseas address you will need to collect your race bib from the race bib collection point. To check if you have selected postage, please visit your tiktok dashboard. Postage of race bibs will commence approximately 3-4 weeks prior to race day.

Where is Race Bib Collection?

If you have not purchased the postage add on as part of your registration into this years event, you will need to collect your race bib from the bib collection point on Saturday, September 22. Please bring a copy of your eTicket or SMS to show event staff at collection. If for any reason you are unable to attend, a friend or family member can attend on your behalf.

Location Date/Time
Race Bib Collection - rebel Westfield Woden Saturday, September 22, 2018.
9:00am - 4:00pm.


If your team is sending one member on behalf of all team members to collect race bibs from the race bib collection point, they will need to bring a list containing the full name and corresponding bib number of each participant. Such list can be downloaded from the Team Managers tiktok dashboard and:

  1. Select 'My Teams'
  2. Select 'Control Panel'
  3. Select 'Downloads'
  4. 'Click to Download Team Members'

To ensure our team can collate your race bibs as quickly as possible, please sort the list in ascending numerical order prior to printing.

+ Teams

Creating a team is a great way to bring together family, friends or colleagues as part of your participation in the 2018 Canberra Times Fun Run. To create a team, visit our registration form and;

  1. Select your preferred registration type
  2. Click 'Create a Team' on the pop-up box
  3. Fill out your teams details and click 'Create my Team'

From here, you will be taken to the team managers tiktok dashboard where it will then direct you to register yourself for the event. The Dashboard is also where you can manage your team details.

Share your team name, and password if applicable, with your team members so they can select to 'Join a Team' when registering.

How do I enter a team?

If your colleagues or friends have registered a team for this year's event, you can join their team when registering. You just need to use our registration form and select your registration type, click 'Join a Team' on the pop-up box and search for your team name.


If you have already registered and wish to join a team, please email us at canberrafunrun@fairfaxmedia.com.au and include your full name, bib number, team name and team password (if applicable) in your email.


It doesn’t matter how large or small your team is, there are two team registration packages available which are designed to provide varying levels of support to team managers. These packages aim to make the registration process and the lead up to the event as smooth as possible for you and your fellow team mates.

+ General Event Information

Where can I purchase an iTaB or Finisher SMS?

The iTaB finisher’s medal insert allows you to create a lasting memento of the race for only $12. The iTaB is a customised, engraved insert which fits perfectly into the back of your finisher’s medal. Your iTaB will be manufactured after the event and sent to you in the post. Worldwide postage is included in the price. You can also receive your results shortly after crossing the finish line with an SMS sent directly to your mobile phone. Simply log into your tiktok dashboard, select 'My Registrations' and 'Make Changes' to add extra items.

Where can I buy Event Day Photos?

The Canberra Times Fun Run will be captured by official photography partners, Marathon Photos. Videos and photos of finishers will be available online for viewing and ordering 1-2 days after event day. To make sure you are captured in the event make sure your bib number is clearly visible – and always remember to smile!

Where can I leave my gear?

A gear drop service will be available on race day for all participants. Please see below for further details regarding this service.

Who? Drop-off Location Opening Time Closing Time Pick-up Location
10km participants 10km Start Line -
Wendouree Dr, Parkes
Opens 7:00am,
Sunday 23, September
Closes 7:40am -
Wendouree Dr, Parkes
Finish Area -
Rond Terrace

(closes 11:15am)
1km & 5km participants Finish Area -
Rond Terrace
Opens 8:00am,
Sunday 23, September
Closes 11:15am Finish Area -
Rond Terrace

(closes 11:15am)

How does gear drop work?

  • You will be given a see-through bag at the gear drop area.
  • Write your bib number on the outside of the bag with the markers provided.
  • Only individual items may be placed within the bag, such as a change of clothes, lightweight jacket, water bottle, post-race snacks.
  • No personal bags of any description (backpacks, purses, handbags) will be accepted.
  • Show your bib when leaving your bag with the gear drop volunteers.
  • After your run you will be asked again to show your bib to collect your bag.

Do not leave any valuables such as wallets, keys or phones with the gear drop service. Event staff will take care of your belongings, but no responsibility will be taken for lost or damaged items.

Clothing and bags left anywhere but at the gear drop location will NOT be available for collection upon finishing the race.


Under no circumstance can you distribute any samples, flyers, promotional material, or anything similar within the event village. If seen doing so you will be asked to leave the event site by event organisers and security.

How is the event timed?

Your timing device for The Canberra Times Fun Run is a single-use bib tag. In order to receive an accurate time, please make sure your bib is:

  • Clearly visible on the front of the torso
  • Unaltered and unmodified – please do not bend or fold your bib
  • Not covered (eg. by a jumper)

Are there age category winners?

Are you the fastest in your age group? When entering the Canberra Times Fun Run 5 & 10km races, participants have the opportunity to win their age category; with the top male and female winner for each group being awarded a specially designed medal. The age categories are 12 & under, 13-15, 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70 & over. Enter today for the opportunity to win your age group!

+ 5km Paw Parade Info

We ask at all times that you cater for your dog’s needs first and foremost. If your dog becomes unsettled or irritated please make the best decision for them and the other participants. Fairfax Events staff have the right to request that you remove your dog from the event at any time at their discretion.

Do I need to register my dog for the walk?

Yes, all dogs must be registered to take part in the event.

Does my dog need to be on a lead?

Yes, we require all dogs to be on a lead at all times for the entirety of the event, including while in the Event Village.

Will there be doggy bags available on site?

Yes, there will be doggy bags available at the start area, however we encourage you to bring your own for when you are on course. Please move to the left of the course if your dog needs to a do a number one or number two and remember to pick up after them.

Is there a family package available for the 5km Paw Parade? And how many dogs does it include?

There are two family packages available for the 5km Paw Parade:

  • 5km Family + 1 Dog - Includes 2 adults + 1 child + 1 dog OR 1 adult + 2 children + 1 dog. You can add additional individual entries at the shopping cart.
  • 5km Family + 2 Dogs - Includes 2 adults + 1 child + 2 dogs. You can add additional individual entries at the shopping cart.

Click here to view family package prices for the 5km Paw Parade.

Is there a minimum age to participate with your dog?

To register with your dog you must be 16 years or older. Those under 16 will be able to participate in the Paw Parade however they are not able to be/eligible to be responsible for a dog during the event.

Can I bring more than one dog?

Those 16 years or older can only be responsible for one dog while attending our event for safety reasons.

What safety information do I need to be aware of to take part in the 5km Paw Parade?

It's vital that all participants, both human and canine have a safe and enjoyable experience at the event. All dogs must:

  • be fully vaccinated
  • have had a flea, worming and tick treatment based on the advice of your vet
  • be socialised and non-aggressive to people and other dogs
  • be on a leash at all times
  • be wearing a collar with an identification tag
  • Not be in season
  • Must not be declared dangerous or menacing
  • I understand that I (the owner) am responsible and liable for all actions of my dog

What happens if I or my dog gets injured during the event?

All owners are responsible for their dogs while at our event. Fairfax Events does not accept any responsibility or liability for damage or loss caused by your dog to people, property or other dogs and does not accept any responsibility for damage or loss caused to you, your property or your dog by other dogs participating in the event. You participate in the event at your own risk. There will be some first aid teams onsite during the event to assist should injury occur to you. Please note there will not be any vets or persons with medical knowledge regarding animals in the first aid teams.

Is my dog fit enough to take part in the Paw Parade?

The Paw Parade is for all fitness levels. We strongly recommend that your dog is adequately fit and has exercised in the lead up to the event to be able to walk the course. If you are concerned that your dog may not be able to complete the course, please contact your vet for advice prior to registering.

What happens if I lose my dog or find a lost dog?

If you lose your dog or find an unaccompanied dog while at the event please find the closest event staff to report it or call 1800 555 514.

+ Refunds & Terms and Conditions

Can I refund my entry?

When entering the Canberra Times Fun Run the terms and conditions must be accepted by each individual entrant. The refund policy is stated below, there are no exceptions to this rule and no refunds will be given for change of mind.

I acknowledge that refunds will only be issued for the Event entry fee where participation in the Event is not appropriate due to medical reasons that is supported by a current medical certificate outlining the condition and lodged with Fairfax before 5:00pm on Thursday 23, August, 2018. I understand that a 50% administration fee will be deducted from the race entry fee paid and if a race bib has been sent out, I must return the race bib to Fairfax at my own expense, prior to the processing of any refund and by no later than 5:00pm (AEST) on Thursday 23, August, 2018. Refunds will not be made for any additional items purchased, such as event merchandise and charitable donations.

What are the event terms and conditions?

To view the full event terms and conditions, please click here.